Product Law

The regulations applicable to sales of consumer goods such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals as well as for medical devices are extremely complex. There is hardly any area of law where such a plethora of laws and regulations must be observed. We specialize in these "exotic" areas for a long time and accompany our clients from product development to sales and marketing to the worst case, public recalls. In addition, we represent you against authority complaints, defamatory press releases, in competition procedures and actions for damages.


Scope of services

  • Marketability assessments (among others food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, pet foods, biocidal products )
  • Labelling checks (e.g. food information regulation, Medicinal Products Act, AMG)
  • Legal questions regarding beauty equipment (IPL , laser , ultrasound , mesotherapy etc. )
  • Examination of advertising texts (health claims, pharmaceutical advertising , etc. )
  • Pharmaceutical law, medical devices law
  • Food law, feed law, cosmetic law
  • Representation in criminal and administrative penalties , administrative and competition procedures
  • Collaboration with health professionals, law on combating corruption in the health sector
  • Crisis management, healthcare compliance
  • Product liability litigation , Product Safety Act
  • Contract manufacturing and distribution agreements